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RSLC Releases TV Ad For Special Election in Kentucky (Video)

If you’re outside of Eastern Kentucky, you’re probably not aware that there’s a pitched battle going to fill a vacant state senate seat in Kentucky. If Republican State Representative Brandon Smith wins this special election against Democrat Scott Alexander – Kentucky Democrats will be blocked from garnering a majority in the state senate for years to come.

This is an interesting race to watch for a number of reasons:

1) Republican Brandon Smith has represented 2 of the most Democrat counties in the Senate District since 2000, and the two other counties that comprise the district have a significant GOP registration advantage over the Democrats

2) Brandon Smith has not once, but TWICE defeated Scott Alexander in legislative elections

3) Local Democrats have been upset over the manner in which Scott Alexander received his party’s nomination – we’ll just say that Kentucky political bosses strayed from the “every vote must be counted, every voice must be heard” mantra

We at the RSLC know just how important this race is to the future of Eastern Kentucky, in fact to the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky. There’s too much at stake for Kentucky families to be taking a risk, gambling if you will, with their future.

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