Today is Tuesday, 20th February 2018

RSLC Launches GOPro

Check out a Daily Caller article today the takes a look at the new RSLC program, GOPro, which offers candidates an inexpensive way of getting a professional and easy to use website:

Gillespie’s organization, the Republican State Leadership Committee, has made a six-figure investment in an initiative that promises to replace poorly designed candidate websites with sophisticated, yet inexpensive sites.

The average budget for a state senate campaign is only $190,000, said RSLC press secretary Adam Temple. But a complete website created by the group’s GOPro program only costs Republican candidates $550.

“They can’t afford to use a major DC firm, and a lot of times they end up using local yokels who end up charging them two or three times that,” said Michael Luethe, a political consultant in North Carolina who has run four campaigns using the program.

“Candidates really are stuck in a difficult position between having to choose a crappy website or something that looks professional,” he told The Daily Caller. “And usually professional ones are cost-prohibitive.”

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