Today is Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Walking Out On Leadership

RSLC President Chris Jankowski published a new post to his blog, President’s Perspective, outlining the trend of Democrats in state legislatures to block the will of the people through what he calls “election nullification”:

“Democrats in state legislatures across the country are picking up in 2012 precisely where they left off in 2011 – with brazen “election nullification” tactics. The Democrats participating in these undemocratic and unlawful election nullification exercises do so under the guise of protecting a “fundamental policy issue.” I am talking about, of course, the practice of legislators not coming to the chamber floor to deny a legislative body the required quorum of members present. The most recent case is in Indiana, where Big Labor is opposing Republican efforts to enact a right to work law. While some might question the term “election nullification” as too dramatic, it’s actually the simplest way to describe the intent of the actors here: to prevent public policy changes enacted by lawfully elected Republican majorities.”

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