Today is Tuesday, 20th February 2018

AZ: Secretary of State Backs Overhaul of Campaign Finance Laws

From AZCapitolTimes:

Arizona’s elections chief says the state needs to overhaul a portion of its campaign finance laws to maintain an informed electorate after the nation’s top court gave corporations the ability to pay for political advertisements.

“I think part of being an informed voter is knowing as much about the candidates as possible, and any other voices that start to weigh in,” said Secretary of State Ken Bennett.

Bennett is pushing for a change to the state’s campaign finance laws that would require corporations and labor unions to report expenditures above certain amounts. For statewide races, that level would be $5,000; in legislative races, expenditures above $2,500 would need to be reported; and expenses above $1,000 in city, county and town elections would trigger a report.

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