Today is Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Attorneys General Join Forces to Call Into Account Illegal Obama Administration Violations

Yesterday, Attorneys General from 9 states joined forces to call into account numerous legal and constitutional violations by the Obama Administration.

From the RSLC:

As chief legal officers of the states and commonwealths, attorneys general are the last line of defense against an increasingly overreaching federal government. Attorneys general have a duty to uphold the laws of their respective states and uphold the U.S. and state constitutions.

One of the ways in which attorneys general protect the integrity of state laws and constitutions is by carefully reviewing the actions of the federal government and responding when they break the law or overstep the bounds of the Constitution.

Federalism is the division of authority between the federal and state governments that the Founding Fathers created to provide a check on federal power so that the federal government would not become destructive of the very liberty it was instituted to protect.

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