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Republican State Attorneys General to Co-Host FOX Republican Presidential Forum with Mike Huckabee

From the Republican State Leadership Committee:

Alexandria, Va. (December 1, 2011) – The Republican Attorneys General Association, a caucus group with the Republican State Leadership Committee, announced this week that members of RAGA will join FOX News’ Mike Huckabee in co-hosting a Republican presidential candidate forum on Saturday, December 3, 2011.

The participating Attorneys General include Pam Bondi (Florida), Ken Cuccinelli (Virginia) and E. Scott Pruitt (Oklahoma). The event will be moderated by former Arkansas governor and host Mike Huckabee and will air live from 8 – 10 p.m. (EST).

“This forum is an excellent opportunity to engage each of the candidates in a candid conversation about issues that are important to voters in our state and across the nation,” Bondi said. “This will be a historic election, and I am excited to play a part in helping voters gain a better understanding of candidates’ beliefs on fundamental issues such as constitutionalism and the role of government.”

The forum is an opportunity for state attorneys general and the presidential candidates to elevate the discussion of constitutional issues and the federal government’s overreach into state matters. The format will be one-on-one questioning of the candidates directly from the attorneys general.

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