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AL: Lt. Governor’s power will be limited

Following recent precedent, the new Republican Senate is aiming to keep most of the power within the Senate.


Republican Lt. Gov.-elect Kay Ivey won’t have the power of many of her Democratic predecessors even though she will preside over the first Republican majority in the Alabama Senate in 136 years.

Key Republican senators, including President Pro Tem-designate Del Marsh, said Monday the new Republican majority plans to keep the system used in recent years where most of the Senate’s power rests with senators, not with the lieutenant governor.

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MO: Lt. Governor moves towards taking on Democrat Governor in 2012

From Columbia Daily Tribune:

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s attendance at a Republican Governors Association conference is the surest sign yet that he plans to challenge of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon in 2012.

Kinder was one of several potential gubernatorial candidates to join incumbents and newly elected governors at an RGA meeting this month in San Diego. Kinder confirmed to The Associated Press that he will not seek another term as lieutenant governor. But he declined to give a timeline for making an announcement about the gubernatorial race.

“So far the signals we’re getting are positive, but we’re not done with all the evaluation process and fact-gathering,” Kinder said.

Nixon, who was elected in 2008, has begun ramping up his fundraising for a re-election campaign. He has a fundraiser planned Tuesday in St. Louis and more in early December in Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia. Nixon had more than $1 million in his campaign account at the start of October, compared with about $373,000 for Kinder.

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HI: Lt. Governor may run for Governor in 2014

Lt. Governor Aiona will make his decision after the 2012 elections. In the meantime, he’ll take a private sector job.


The Republican, who lost to Gov.-elect Neil Abercrombie by 17 percentage points earlier this month, said he would not consider any other political office. He plans to take a private-sector job within the next few weeks.

“I have no intention, no ambition, no desire to run for any other office, whether it be Congress, Senate, state House seats or whatever it may be. That’s out of the question,” Aiona said. “I only have one office in mind, and that’s the gubernatorial seat in 2014.”

In his first round of news media interviews since the election, Aiona said he has no significant regrets about the campaign but is still trying to determine why the gap with Abercrombie was so large. His internal polls showed him trailing by single digits just before the vote.

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Republican Sworn in as Lt. Governor

Republican Jay Dardenne was sworn in and immediately saved the state $130,000.


Dardenne, the outgoing secretary of state who won a special Nov. 2 election to fill the 14 months remaining in the lieutenant governor’s term, told a standing-room-only audience at the Old State Capitol that he will not fill the position now and probably will not for the rest of the term.

He said the move will save the $130,000 annual salary that now goes to agency Secretary Pam Breaux. Breaux returns to her old job as head of the department’s Office of Cultural Development at a lower salary.

“I am not going to eliminate the position, I am just not going to fill it,” Dardenne told reporters after his brief inauguration ceremonies.

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VA: Lt. Governor’s Job includes Growing Jobs


When it looked as if Martinsville Speedway could lose one of its two NASCAR Sprint Cup races earlier this year, officials in one of Virginia’s most economically troubled regions turned to Richmond for help.

Track operator International Speedway Corp. had decided to add a second Sprint Cup race at its Kansas City track, shifting an event from one of its other 12 venues on the Cup circuit. It was not the first time Martinsville faced the prospect of losing one of its races. But, as Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell said, “This time it was serious.”

“It was not just a rumor or speculation,” Campbell said. “It was fact it was going to happen from somewhere, and we certainly didn’t want it come from here. It could have been a devastating blow, not only to our economy here locally, but to the state, as well.”

Enter Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, the “chief job creation officer” in Gov. Bob McDonnell’s administration. Bolling traveled to Daytona, Fla., in March with Campbell and a delegation of officials from Martinsville and Henry County to meet with International Speedway Corp. executives.

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NJ: Lt. Governor Calls on Officials to support Governor’s Tool kit


Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno took the stage today in place of Gov. Chris Christie before a large contingent of local government leaders, and her message echoed his: The Legislature needs to pass the governor’s “tool kit” immediately.

She called on local leaders at the League of Municipalities convention in Atlantic City to get behind the administration in the fight to pass reforms aimed at helping towns cut costs, inlcuding changes to arbitration and civil service rules. She repeated many of Christie’s talking points on reform, including pointing out the governor’s Dec. 31 deadline for passage.

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NJ: Lt. Governor Talks Women in Politics


Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno has no problem standing quietly behind Gov. Chris Christie in public, she told the Women in Municipal Government breakfast this morning.

“Sometimes it’s fun to have your mouth shut and your head really, really low when you’re standing behind this governor,” Guadagno said. “You never know where he’s going to go.”

And it’s not because Guadagno, the state’s first lieutenant governor, considers herself a wallflower.

“I get an opportunity to make policy with this governor everyday,” she said. “I enjoy every single minute of it every single day because I get access. I get to represent our gender at the table every single day.”

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Updated: RSLC Election Day Memo


In comparison to past elections, all indications are that Republicans had more success than either party has seen in modern history. As of 8:30 a.m. ET, Republicans had gained more than 500 state legislative seats nationwide, outperforming the 472-seat Republican gains of 1994 and the 322-seat Democratic gains of 2006. Before yesterday’s elections, Democrats controlled 60 of the country’s state legislative chambers, Republicans 36. After yesterday’s elections, at this point, Democrats control 40 chambers, Republicans 55 and two evenly divided (the Oregon House and the Alaska Senate). .

[Note: In the New York Senate, Republicans made significant gains and are awaiting results in several races that could lead to majority status.]

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RSLC Chairman Ed Gillespie – Hero of the 2010 Elections

From the Washington Post:

Ed Gillespie is one of the heroes of the 2010 election cycle. He built American Crossroads and American Crossroads-GPS, which raised more than $60 million to help fuel Tuesday’s GOP takeover of the House, and aggressively supported Tea Party-backed Republicans in tight Senate races ($7.3 million to support Ken Buck in Colorado, $3.9 million to support Marco Rubio in Florida, $3.1 million to support Rand Paul in Kentucky, $5 million to support Sharron Angle in Nevada, and $1.3 million to support Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania). And the Republican State Leadership Committee Gillespie established was integral to the GOP’s historic 682-seat gain in state legislatures across the country that secured Republican control of 19 chambers and counting.

So it was unfortunate to see Sarah Palin (whom I greatly admire) criticize Ed this morning as “out of touch” because he said in a Fox News interview on Election Day that a new GOP House would “try to repeal those parts of the health-care reform bill, the Obamacare, that have caused premiums to go up and have shifted people out of their insurance they like into a public plan.” On his website, David Frum stoked the fire, declaring that “Gillespie has been warning against trying to repeal the Democratic health reform outright” and said this was a sign that after having “refrained from direct confrontation with Tea Party radicalism” Gillespie “may be getting ready to rumble.”

All of this is dead wrong.

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RSLC Election Day Memo

Election Day 2010 proved to be an even bigger “wave” election at the state level than anticipated.  Voters overwhelmingly repudiated liberal policies at all levels, sweeping Democrats from office.  As a result, Republicans will take control of dozens of statewide, constitutional offices and switch at least 19 legislative bodies to Republican control.

  1. AL House
  2. AL Senate
  3. CO House
  4. IN House
  5. IA House
  6. ME House
  7. ME Senate
  8. MN Senate
  9. MN House
  10. MI House
  11. MT House
  12. NH House
  13. NH Senate
  14. NC House
  15. NC Senate
  16. OH House
  17. PA House
  18. WI Assembly
  19. WI Senate

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